National Trade Associations

Combining National and European policy efforts to create a significant impact of the colocation operator community on European legislation

Cooperation as a toolbox

Within EUDCA, the European colocation data centre community has the opportunity to unite and exchange experiences despite the diverse legal landscapes across the continent.

National trade associations will have a unique chance to collect input from Brussels and across Europe, contributing to the establishment of a resilient and forward-looking European data centre community.

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Bringing together national operators' interests to create a loud, reasonable voice for all European trade associations

The data centre industry has long been overlooked by policymakers, but with the sudden emergence of legislation, it's crucial for the industry to establish a unified and influential voice that can effectively advocate for its interests. Currently, the industry is as fragmented as the various European member states' legislation, which makes it challenging to coordinate efforts. EUDCA aims to bridge the gap between national and European perspectives within its trade association, creating a platform for dialogue. This will enable the industry to not only grow but also convey its message to a broader audience.

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