Technical Committee

Creating the technological backbone and empirical evidence of political decisions and industry developments

Collaboration within the industry

The EUDCA Technical Committee serves as a platform for industry experts to deliberate on emerging trends and technologies within the data centre sector. On a monthly basis, our members convene to explore these forthcoming advancements, aiming to chart a sustainable course that facilitates digital transformation and situates the data centre industry at the heart of Europe's digitalisation efforts.

Access the Technical Committee Member Space

Data centres are a fundamental pillar of our digital economy. It is now more critical than ever to ensure that these vital infrastructure players not only adapt to a changing regulatory landscape but also actively contribute to shaping it with innovative solutions.

As society and the economy undergo digital transformation, there is a surge in data, leading to an increased need for data centres. However, this rise presents the industry with several challenges in terms of carbon emissions and energy consumption

The EUDCA Technical Committee consists of member representatives who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and driving improvements within the industry. These members generously offer their time and expertise on a voluntary basis, with a diverse membership tailored to align with the industry's current areas of focus. All EUDCA members are encouraged to step forward and contribute.

The Technical Committee provides a valuable platform for exchanging ideas and viewpoints, enabling meaningful contributions to the industry as a whole.


Produce technical content/white papers for emerging technologies
Assist policy makers and industry members with technological insights
Gain insight into the latest trends and developments for data centre technologies
Create awareness for upcoming issues by providing relevant reports