Policy Committee

Staying ahead of the latest policy developments concerning the data centre industry and creating a forward-looking vision for the colocation data centre sector

Create a resonating voice for the industry

The EUDCA Policy Committee was established to bring together industry experts and foster collaboration in creating a unified and forward-thinking stance that supports the digitalisation of Europe.

 Collectively, members of the EUDCA Policy Committee work in collaboration to develop a pragmatic yet ambitious policy outlook that advances the entire ICT sector.


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Changes in policy have a considerable impact on the European data centre operator community.

The EUDCA collaborates with National Trade Associations (NTAs), industry stakeholders, and European lawmakers to maintain a comprehensive awareness of potential legislation that could impact the data centre industry, especially our members. 

The EUDCA policy committee is supervised by Associate Members, ensuring that the association's actions prioritise the best interests of our community rather than benefiting any single organisation.

Current initiatives include co-administering the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact with CIPSE, responding to various consultations from the European Commission, and lobbying European lawmakers to ensure that data centre operators are recognized as an industry and included in discussions about energy taxation and clean energy initiatives.

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