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Promote issues affecting you through the EUDCA – if they are important to you, they might be important to others. Become part of the growing number of organisations that constitute the EUDCA – the only European Wide Non Profit Trade Association. Use the EUDCA logo as collateral for your marketing – it is gaining recognition all the time as a European wide industry association.

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Access to the European Data Centre Association is possible for companies representing all aspects of the Industry, from Data Centre operators to Data Centre users, suppliers, consultants and manufacturers.

A prospective participant may be nominated by any other participant or at the invitation of the Association Board. In addition, the candidate is judged on the core values and code of conduct of the European Data Centre Association so that the quality and professionalism can be secured. The board reviews it and takes the decision on the accession of a prospective participant.

Benefits of being affiliated with the European Data Centre Association:

  • Participant in the group of leading data centre companies in Europe
  • Assistance in the latest regulatory developments (EU Code of Conduct, Energy Efficiency Directive)
  • Active in the news
  • Promotion at home and abroad
  • Lobbying governments
  • Effective representation by interest groups
  • Active monitoring of standards, quality and environmental agencies
  • Sector events
  • Information Database

There are many benefits to membership of the EUDCA. Listed below are some that other members take from their membership:


  • Stay abreast of the current regulation and legislation impacting on your business
  • The opportunity to direct and form political objectives at national and European level
  • Help with navigating complex regulations relating to energy, taxation and competition
  • Make your voice heard during meetings and workshop with political stakeholders
  • Drive the direction of whitepapers on the most relevant technological advancements
  • Influence the direction of European politics by developing the political position of the data centre industry


  • Increased global awareness through the on-line searchable database
  • A presence at key industry events
  • Content distribution via the EUDCA marketing platform
  • Access to relevant industry research
  • Networking opportunities with potential clients
  • Expanded reach across Europe and globally.



  • Access to information on European regulation and legislation affecting your company and your clients
  • The opportunity to be involved in the political strategy of the organisation
  • Access to crucial information on legislative changes at individual country levels
  • Provide additional perspective to political issues, relevant for data centre operators


  • Global exposure through the EUDCA marketing platform
  • Access to key operators across Europe
  • The opportunity to have a presence at key industry events
  • Sponsorship opportunities for EUDCA networking events
  • White paper and content distribution to all members


  • The ability to share your key messages and information with a far wider audience
  • The opportunity to discover what other NTAs are doing on important issues
  • The ability to meet with, and network with, other NTAs and share ideas

You can find a more detailed overview of our membership benefits and fees in the following document:

 EUDCA Membership Fees and Benefits 2024

Be Involved in Data Centre Policy

​National and European policy regarding energy consumption, privacy, data sovereignty and internet infrastructure can have a significant impact on the colocation operator community.

Changes in policy have a considerable impact on the European data centre operator community. The EUDCA is working with NTA’s, national governments and the European Commission to ensure we have full visibility into any potential legislation likely to impact on the data centre industry, and in particular our own members.

The EUDCA policy committee is run by Associate Members, ensuring that any action taken by the association is in the best interests of our community and not aimed to benefit any one individual organisation. Several Assoicate Members have committed substantial funds to a policy account and this gives us the resource to undertake research and lobbying activities aimed at ensuring a level playing field for all operators, regardless of size and geographical reach.

Current initiatives include: Leading the way by jointly administering the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact with CIPSE, responding to a variety of consultations from the European Commission, and lobbying at the European Commission to ensure that data centre operators are recognised as an industry and are included in considerations around energy taxation and clean energy initiatives.

Increase your Sales Reach

​All EUDCA members benefit from increased global visibility and lead-generation by utilising our global marketing platform.

Increased competition from both within and outside Europe, price pressure and changes in business models, all mean that data centre operators face challenges in customer acquisition and retention. For many of our members, gaining greater awareness and increasing geographical reach through traditional channels is prohibitively expensive. Through working collaboratively, the EUDCA offers all members, whatever their size, the opportunity to distribute content, publicise events, reach new markets and ultimately attract new business.

The EUDCA works tirelessly on behalf of its members to ensure a level playing field in terms of exposure at a national and global level . From our presence at key industry events in Europe, Asia and the USA , to our global distribution of a comprehensive member directory and our ability to facilitate global content distribution, all members can be confident that they are reaching a far larger audience than would be possible on their own. Despite the current pandemic, the EUDCA has taken part in a number of digital conferences including Datacloud Global Congress, Data Centre World, Digital Infra India, Digital Infa Leaders Europe, Edge Global Week and has agreed to take part in NGON & DCI World, Datacloud UK & Ireland and Datacloud Nordics.