The EUDCA appoints Isabelle Kemlin, Vice Chair of the Swedish Datacenter Industry Association as its Newest Board Member

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) announces Isabelle Kemlin, Vice Chair of the Swedish Datacenter Industry Association as the twelfth member of its Board of Directors. The EUDCA is delighted to welcome the expertise Isabelle brings to the Board, as it continues to forge closer collaborations with National Trade Associations (NTAs) to best serve the industry and its members.


Isabelle Kemlin is a respected leader within the data centre industry, who also holds the position of Business and Innovation Executive at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.


As a founder of the Swedish Datacenter Industry Association, she has been working on creating an alliance of Nordic NTAs to unify their political message, and the EUDCA Board is enthusiastic to expand this cooperation. Isabelle, optimistic about joining the Board said: “I am deeply honored to have been elected to the Board of EUDCA and my passion for innovation and sustainability will guide my contributions to the association. I look forward to working collaboratively with my fellow Board members to drive the EUDCA’s mission forward. Together, we will continue to shape and elevate the data centre landscape in Europe.”


In 2023, the EUDCA Board set an objective to work more closely with trade associations at a national level to align as an industry, while in parallel addressing key issues with policymakers at a European level. With Isabelle’s appointment, the EUDCA Board now has three NTA representatives.


The EUDCA is creating stronger alliances with NTAs across Europe, to work together on all consultations and directives pertaining to European data centres and is dedicated to continue raising awareness of the importance of the industry. Transparent reporting, and the transposition of European directives into national and regional legislation requires a united approach and shared understanding of technical, political and regional issues. As topics such as AI and energy demands increase in prevalence, this will be fundamental for Europe’s sovereignty and global position.


The EUDCA considers higher representation within the data centre industry as a priority, and as such has appointed three women to its Board of Directors in the past 12 months. It invites all members and the wider industry to keep raising the benchmark, setting better examples for emerging new talent and young skilled individuals looking to build their career in digital infrastructure.


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