Abatement Techniques 

Due to the rapid growth of the Data Centre community, regulatory bodies are (re-)structuring processes affecting the
Data Centre community, aimed to achieve a climate friendly environment. The tightening of Emergency Power
emission regulations has given reason for the development of this paper, supporting those who are unaware of the
possibilities. Many operators within the Data Centre community rely on third party design and engineering, unintentionally overlooking the best fit for what’s to come.

The abatement technique used depends on the type of installation and the emission type to reduce, strictness of the
local rules and regulations and what directive the Data Centre must adhere to due to the size in MWth of the facility.
Each of the abatement techniques have their own risks and consequences. Eight different approaches are presented,
including a variety of abatement techniques such as: Engine calibration, particulate filtration, gas exhaust
recirculation, catalytic systems and NOx reduction systems  

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