EUDCA works at a European level

EUDCA works at a European level to represent the data centre industry across Europe.



Industry news:

Google To Build £178m 60Tbps Trans-Pacific Subsea…

16 Aug 2014

Google To Build £178m 60Tbps Trans-Pacific Subsea Cable

Google and partners club together to build a cable connecting the US and Japan which will go live in 2016European Data Centre Association's insight:12.08.2014 - Partly this seems to have the intention to ensure private data transmissions between the US and the Asian/China continent. And, until now the…

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Digital Realty (Europe) director joins ASHRAE…

11 Aug 2014

Digital Realty (Europe) director joins ASHRAE committee

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. has announced the appointment of Paul Finch, Sr Technical Director in Europe for Digital Realty, as a voting committee member of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9 (TC9.9). Mr. Finch joins an elite group of 16 voting members from across the globe for a four-year term. He now…

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Industry events:

Home - ICT Spring Europe 2014

03 Jul 2014

Home - ICT Spring Europe 2014

The 2014 edition of ICT Spring Europe will take place next July 3rd & 4th in Luxembourg. This annual two-day event aims at encouraging exchange on innovation and trends as well as networking and deals with current topics in Information and Communication Technologies in Europe. This year’s edition focuses…

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Our Members

Migsolv – Migrations Solutions

As a founding member of the EUDCA, MigSolv is a strong supporter of the association and its principals. As a colocation provider, MigSolv strongly supports the need for a non profit association to represent the data centre industry at a European level. As a consultancy it is clear that the need for a European wide association that is able to bring clarity and uniformity to the various policies and standards that are used across Europe is vital to the continued growth of the industry. I am proud to be both a member of the Board and a Vice President of the European Data Centre Assocation.

Van Looy Group

It is no longer a secret that data centers or processing centers are major energy guzzlers: they are responsible for a couple of percentages of the total CO2-emissions on earth, which is more than for example global air traffic. To meet the environmental requirements of today and those of the future, Van Looy Group is committed to design green datacenters. In the meantime we would like to share our experience and knowledge in the working groups of EUDCA as well as pick up new developments and technologies from our international partners.


The global Data Center market is driven more and more by dynamic parameters. Velocity and Time-to-market are the future success factors for providing new Data Centers projects. Our new Delta System IDDC catchs these trends for the future.