EUDCA works at a European level

EUDCA works at a European level to represent the data centre industry across Europe.



ISO/IEC 27018: The future standard for Personal Data…

by Olivier Antoine at EBRC

The use of cloud computing for a wide variety of data processing purposes will undoubtedly grow and will offer many potential benefits for users in terms of agility, mobility and costs reduction linked to processing resources. The main focus of this document is to present an emerging international standard, ISO/IEC 27018 specifically focused on Personal Data located into public cloud.

Building a modern IT department

by Alex Rabbetts at Migrations Solutions

As technology continues to evolve, so does the role of the IT department. - The traditional IT department faces two challenges – virtualisation and the Cloud.

Cloud Computing World Expo 2014

9 April 2014 Paris, France

EC Policy Officer participates at Cloud Computing World Expo

Cloud Computing World Expo 2014 image



Industry news:

Yahoo Mail outage lingers into fifth day...

Yahoo Mail outage lingers into fifth day...

28 Nov 2014

Many users can't get webmail, Yahoo hasn't said where the break was, 25-Nov-2014 by Drew Amorosi at DCDEuropean Data Centre Association's insight:27.11.2014 - Yahoo depends heavily on an undersea cable for their email services, at least for a part of the world. Not only the data centre nodes ar critical.…

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Amazon prepares a turkey for Thanksgiving? Some shut-downs with errors...

Amazon prepares a turkey for Thanksgiving? Some…

28 Nov 2014

Access to Amazon Web Services wobbles27-Nov-2014 by Bill Boyle - DatacenterDynamicsEuropean Data Centre Association's insight:27.11.2014 - Some issues for AWS due to, it seems like, overload shopping on the NA side of the world. Hopefully no sensitive data getting stuck somewhere. /JSNSee it on,…

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Industry events:

Yves Reding (CEO, EBRC) at the event Paperjam 10x6 in Lux:

Yves Reding (CEO, EBRC) at the event Paperjam…

06 Nov 2014

Yves Reding revient sur l’aventure d’EBRC qui a débuté en 2000 et dont il est le CEO. Une aventure faite de prises de risques et de travail sur le long terme, en misant sur la qualité. Un témoignage issu de la soirée 10x6 «Made in Lëtzebuerg: technology success» stories organisée le 23 octobre dernier…

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Van Looy Group

"It is no longer a secret that data centers or processing centers are major energy guzzlers: they are responsible for a couple of percentages of the total CO2-emissions on earth, which is more than for example global air traffic..."