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Welcome to the EUDCA

The EUDCA has recently announced the formation of Working Groups that will seek to understand, influence and provide innovation in areas that affect the data centre industry.  The EUDCA works at a European level to represent the data centre industry across Europe.  With membership from 17 countries and a Board consisting of representatives of 7 of those countries, the EUDCA takes input from across the continent.  The four Working Groups that have been announced are:
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Standards
  • Data Protection
  • Energy Policy
These groups will work to represent the data centre industry and provide a unified voice at a european level on matters that affects the industry. A Europe, and the rest of the world, moves rapidly towards the digital age, data centres provide

the foundation upon which it sits are critical infrastructure supporting it. Data Centres can be considered as the sixth utility as without them, the others; power, water, gas, sewage and telephony, could not be delivered in the modern ear. Data Centres are not a 'nice to have' so that people can access their Facebook accounts, or send a Tweet on Twitter, they are fundamental to everything that happens in life, but are often regarded as huge consumers of power that create unnecessary CO2. In fact, data centres are quite the opposite and are instrumental in generating significant savings of CO2 by reducing the need for other industries to manufacture, package, transport and distribute, and in consumers needing to travel less and therefore reduce their carbon emissions. It is at a Eruopean level that recognition of this fact is needed and the EUDCA, through its Working Groups, is addressing this need. 

For more information about the Working Groups, or on how to become a member of the EUDCA, please contact :



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