• The Tier IV certificates indicates the highest security level possible today for datacenters.
• The certificate was given based on building plans that will be completed by August 2021.
• Datacenter United is the only datacenter in Belgium with this certificate, and thus will be the safest in Belgium.
• Even in Europe, only a few datacenters can reach this high-level of service and security.

Datacenter United, a portfolio company of the infrastructure investor TINC, received the prestigious Tier IV certificate from the Uptime Institute. With this certificate, Datacenter United can prove that it is the only datacenter in Belgium with the highest levels of security. The certificate is currently based on building plans that will be completed by August 2021. Even in Europe, there are only a few data centers that can offer this high-level service.

The USA-based consultancy and audit company Uptime Institute has set up an internationally acclaimed classification system that indicates the degree of guaranteed redundancy of a data center. The service levels range from Tier I to the ultimate Tier IV. Data placed in a Tier IV certified environment ensures the most optimal protection and offers the highest guarantees regarding the redundancy of your data. The higher the guarantees on the layer of infrastructure, the more guarantees can be offered to the end-users. This is extremely important for the larger cloud and telco providers, but also for companies with high visibility on the market like e-commerce platforms, or companies who work with critical data as governments, healthcare providers, banks and military.

As the only party in Belgium that can guarantee such quality, Datacenter United sets the standard at the highest level. Datacenter United offers the legal certainty of compliance with local legislation, and the customers can enjoy the highest possible guarantees in terms of continuity.

Important to put Belgium on the digital map
“Belgium remained until now a blind spot when it came to Uptime Institute certifications, and particularly in the geographical axis Amsterdam – Paris. With this Tier IV certification, we are putting Belgium and more specifically Antwerp on the digital map.” says Friso Haringsma, founder and CEO of Datacenter United.

Covid-19 gave data centers an extra boost. There is a growing demand for additional bandwidth and local IT spaces are increasingly being outsourced to third parties. At Datacenter United there is therefore even more room to expand. At the current location, it is possible to expand the surface by another 8,500 sqm.

“There is a misconception among many that a Tier IV certificate is not feasible in Belgium. Datacenter United proves the contrary by obtaining this certificate. Obtaining the Tier-IV certificate with a profound focus on efficiency provided a serious challenge but together with our experienced and very motivated team we achieved the impossible” according to a satisfied and proud CTO Ogy Smet.



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