Cushman and Wakefield, the global real estate solution provider, has carried out a comparison on the data centre market globally. Claiming this to be the first report of its kind, the study compared 1,189 data centres in 48 markets. Whilst the report may be seen to be slightly US centric, it provides a valuable insight into the data centre markets around the world and how they compare. The report can be viewed here and is well worth a read.

Cusham and Wakefield are a firm that has its origines in New York but now has over 400 offices in 60 countries and employs more than 53,000 staff. They have been involved in the data centre industry for a number of years now and have specialist staff dedicated to the sector. Dave Fanning, the author or the report, is the speciality practice leader for the Data Centre Advisory Group at Cushman and Wakefield.



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