Lamda Hellix’s award-winning Athens-2, is the First Data Center in SE Europe Awarded the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility 

 Athens, Greece. Uptime Institute awarded Lamda Hellix, South East Europe’s data center leader, with Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility for Athens-2 Data Center. 

Celebrating 15 years of operations this year, Lamda Hellix is the leading data center services provider of South East Europe that holds an extensive portfolio of services including colocation, business continuity, cloud, managed services and data centers integration, consulting and management. 

Athens-2, Lamda Hellix’s latest award-winning data center, became operational in 2015 and it was Europe’s first facility certified with LEED BD+C Gold & Tier III Design documents. Earlier this year, Lamda Hellix expanded Athens-2 with the addition of a major new data hall, adding close to 1 MW of IT power capacity. 

Lamda Hellix has been working closely with Uptime Institute since Athens-2 was designed to ensure that the facility upheld the standards necessary for certification. In September, Uptime awarded the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility to Athens-2 ensuring that the Facility has been constructed as designed and verifying that it is capable of meeting all the defined availability requirements. The Tier III certification was granted after a week of evaluations and rigorous live system demonstrations in real world conditions by Uptime engineers, validating performance according to the Tier III objectives. 

 “In early 2016 Athens-2 received the Best Data Center in EMEA award, for its Tier III certified design and LEED BD+C Gold build. Few weeks ago, Athens-2 also became the first data center in South-East Europe with Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility, which is a clear illustration of Lamda Hellix’s commitment to excellence in data center services. Building to a design and 

certifying the build provides a world-class level of confidence to Lamda Hellix’s clients and partners that all elements of the critical infrastructure of Athens-2 are capable of unmatched performance even under duress. We are extremely proud for this significant certification because it clearly demonstrates the exceptional design & infrastructure along the building characteristics, and the extremely low site risks of Athens-2”, commented Apostolos Kakkos, Chairman & CEO of Lamda Hellix while discussing the certification. 

Christopher Brown, Chief Technical Officer of Uptime Institute noted, “We are pleased to announce the Tier Certification of Constructed Facility for Lamda Hellix’s Athens-2 Data Center as fulfilling Tier III Concurrently Maintainable criteria. This certification represents the culmination of Lamda Hellix’s investment and commitment to site uptime availability. We congratulate Lamda Hellix on this significant achievement”. 



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