Data Centres are one of the most critical industries of the modern digital era. It is a “factory” with a demand of continuous, uninterruptible and smooth operation. The “products” that are “manufactured” are several and critical to business and government operations as well as personal activities. For example, a vast amount of third parties who are hosted and operate in a Data Centre collocation environment, provide services through applications, platforms, telecom services, etc. Any malfunction that might affect Data Centre operation, has an impact in an extended number of companies and users that receive services through the Data Centre’s provider. The impact of a failure is huge and difficult to be quantified. There have been many high profile service outages which were due to operation and maintenance issues.

The only way to eliminate the risk of a failure is to consider this in the design and to then implement a suitable operations and maintenance strategy. Properly maintained equipment has an extended life span, and can lower by up to 90% or more the corrective maintenance needs. This leads to a massive reduction of a company’s unplanned expenses, the potential to optimize a company’s resources and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

From an operational point of view, data centres consume massive amounts of energy and it is well known that well maintained systems consume less. This could reduce significantly the operation cost of a corporate Data Centre. On the other hand, less consumption could give competitive advantage to a collocation provider and place him in a better position in today’s competitive market.

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