Dear Members and Friends,

I would like to wish you all a most healthy, happy, lucky, creative and prosperous 2018. I’m pleased to be taking this opportunity to update you with some of the highlights during 2017.

As you will see from the next few paragraphs, the EUDCA with the support of its members and the direction and support of its Board and its Managing Director has managed to re-launch itself and start fulfilling its vision to become the hub for the European Data Centre Industry.

Several exciting achievements have come to fruition during 2017.

Membership: We have seen a tremendous growth of the membership in the EUDCA. At the moment we have close to 40 members from 23 countries and 37 cities in the European Continent including Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Turkey and many others. Our membership is also quite diverse since it includes operators of different sizes from the large global & pan-European operators to medium sized regional and of course single country operators and now represents an estimated 1,000,000 square metres of data centre space and close to 5,000,000KWs of power.

I need to stress at this point that the EUDCA is a strictly non-profit association that is managing to create value to its members through collaboration. Its funding is secured only through membership fees and therefore increasing our membership not only secures a more representative voice of our industry but also our financial sustainability.

Marketing & Communications: We now offer our members access to a truly global marketing platform. During 2017 we took part in, and presented our membership directory in which every member benefits from a free quarter page advert, at events in London, Singapore, Monaco, Shanghai, Dublin and Oslo. This global exposure alone represents a value of over €10,000 to every one of our members. During November we also, in cooperation with DCD, had our first ever European Delegation visiting Beijing (China) with great success: a whole European day was arranged with presentations, discussions and Q&A from our members to potential Chinese clients along with a small 2 day roadshow visiting some of the most well-known Chinese Enterprises including China Unicom, Baidu, JD and Dr Peng.

The EUDCA website is being updated to give it a fresher and more interactive look and feel. The website currently attracts around 6,000 unique visitors per month and our operations committee have recognised the need to make it more dynamic and user friendly whilst also ensuring that it brings value to our members. The new site will be in place before the end of February.

Committees: One of our major targets for H2-2017 had been the formation of 2 very important committees for EUDCA and its members: The Policy Committee (PC) headed by our Board member Michael Winterson and the Technical Committee (TC) headed by our Board Member Andrew Harrison. During the course of the year both committees were established and managed to deliver some tangible results in just a few months.

Policy Committee: It has been a very busy period for the Policy Committee. In the space of only 6 months including summer time, we managed not only to secure initial funds for it but to also build our first three positioning statements and also to have a first major success.  The success was the insertion of a key clause (Article 27 and 27a) into the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). This clause formally recognises a class of generator users that are micro-emitters.  In the data centre industry, this is because most of us only run generators during testing.  This single clause should represent significant savings (estimated to be an average of €25,000 per annum per facility) to all operators in the EU over the next few years as data centre operators who are micro emitters can opt out of the ETS.

The three policy papers we have drafted and will continue to update are (1) an energy policy paper, (2) positioning on the EU Code of Conduct and the Green Procurement Policy, and (3) the Free Flow of Data.

2018 should be an exciting year with several key European Commission initiatives ahead of us.  The Policy Committee will keep you posted throughout the year.

Technical Committee: Following a call for participants and topics from members, the EUDCA Technical Committee was formed in June 2017 and has been fairly busy exploring technical issues of interest to the EUDCA’s members.

To begin with, it has produced a well-received white paper around the Medium Combustion Plant (MCP) Directive and will follow this up with a review of the impacts this may have on the future of diesel generator installations.

On another front, the critically of good operation and maintenance practice, and what this means specifically in a data centre environment, is not always well understood therefore the Technical Committee will be producing a series of short papers examining what ‘good’ looks like.

Alongside this the Technical Committee has spoken at the EU Sustainability Week and has been interviewed on the latest Greenpeace ClickClean report.

In March 2018 the Technical Committee and Policy Committee will come together in order to further coordinate thoughts and initiatives around legislation impacting the sector.

Both the Policy Committee and especially the Technical Committee are fundamentally dependent on the contribution of members, both in terms of suggestions for topics and then in forming sub-groups to support specific topics. All EUDCA members are more than welcome and encouraged to get involved and contribute.

Our plans for 2018 are even more aggressive. With the support of Alex Rabbetts, our new MD, and our Board we will make sure that EUDCA will continue and extend the value we are creating for our members and our industry.  We will be present at even more global events, we will have a pavilion similar to that we had last year at DataCloud Europe in Monaco, we are entering agreements with BroadGroup, DCD and Closer Still Media to ensure that our global presence, promoting the data centre industry in Europe extends even further. Our Policy and Technical Committees will continue to work on behalf of our industry and I am sure you will agree that the membership fee of just €1,250 for single country operators and €2,500 for multi country operators and suppliers is incredibly good value with a marketing package worth around €10,000 and savings negotiated that could be as much as €20-30,000 or greater! We have now also introduced individual membership at just €250 for consultants and other individuals who are connected to the industry.

I’m truly honoured to be leading EUDCA at this point of time and I am sure many more of you, if not members already, will join us in our aim of enabling growth through collaboration. For more information why you should join EUDCA, click here.

With my very best wishes,

Apostolos Kakkos
Chairman, EUDCA



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