The EUDCA is run by its members, for its members, The European Data Centre Association is a not for profit organisation established with the overall aim of enabling growth across the European data centre sector. In order to achieve this, we offer both political and commercial support to the European data centre community.


There are an estimated 1,200 data centre operators across Europe, many of whom are smaller, in-country businesses. In an increasingly globalised data centre economy, exposure within Europe, as well as outside its borders, is critical to the overall success of a business, but the cost of reaching the wider audience necessary for continued business growth is often prohibitive. A collaborative approach to awareness raising is the answer to this common issue.

Enabling Growth……..

The European Data Centre Association provides an effective and far reaching marketing platform for its members. A searchable member database with links through to individual websites, featured members on the home page of the website, the option to distribute marketing material at large events and effective global member content distribution, all ensure that global exposure is within the reach of even the smallest operator.

Access to relevant industry statistics, content and forecasts is also critical to any business but often expensive or the information is proprietary to an individual organisation.  In order to ensure that all our members are able to keep up to date with industry developments, both technical and commercial, the EUDCA is conducting an on-going programme of research, the results of which will be available in full to all members.


At a political level, the EUDCA aims to provide a voice at European commission level on behalf of its members.  An increasing amount of legislation is being discussed and implemented which is likely to have a negative impact on the data centre sector. There are also areas where new legislation could positively impact growth and revenue but without lobbying and awareness raising, these changes will not be made.

Enabling Growth……

There is currently no organisation able to effectively represent the European data centre sector as a whole. Several countries have highly effective in-country NTAs, (National Trade Associations), working tirelessly on behalf of their data centre members, but their reach and remit is within their own borders and is diluted at European level. The EUDCA fills this gap and our funds and energy is directed into those areas most likely to benefit the European data centre sector as a whole.

The EUDCA is not intended to replace existing in-country national trade associations. Our message is one of co-operation and unification, and our objective is to work closely with relevant NTAs and where necessary offer support and assistance in achieving their own goals, particularly in instances where there is a common area of concern across multiple countries and obviously where European legislation is the issue. We will also offer a content distribution service to in-country NTAs to ensure any relevant national legislation is widely known, and regular updates to our members on individual country regulation and legislation affecting data centre operators.


Membership is open to European based commercial data centre operators, vendors, national trade associations and investment authorities. The EUDCA is primarily focused on enabling growth amongst the operator community but there is value in having a membership base representative of the industry as a whole.

We encourage members to be actively involved in the organisation, and all full Members have the option to nominate themselves to sit on individual committees. This offers the opportunity to guide content, strategy and policy, and there is a yearly option to put forward a nominee for the board of directors.





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