Be Involved in Data Centre Policy

National and European policy regarding energy consumption, privacy, data sovereignty and internet infrastructure can have a significant impact on the colocation operator community.

Changes in policy have a considerable impact on the European data centre operator community. The EUDCA is working with NTA’s, national governments and the European Commission to ensure we have full visibility into any potential legislation likely to impact on the data centre industry, and in particular our own members.

The EUDCA policy committee is run by member representatives, ensuring that any action taken by the association is in the best interests of our community and not aimed to benefit any one individual organisation. Several member companies have committed substantial funds to a ‘policy account’ and this gives us the resource to undertake research and lobbying activities aimed at ensuring a level playing field for all operators, regardless of size and geographical reach.

Current initiatives include: (a) Ensuring that the EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) recognises that many data centre operators are ‘micro emitters’ and should therefore be exempt from the scheme (b) Looking at the Free Flow of Data and how this can be achieved after the implementation of GDPR c) Lobbying at the European Commission to ensure that data centre operators are recognised as an industry and are included in considerations around energy taxation and clean energy initiatives.